SCA Package


Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is different from a Heart Attack. A heart attack blocks blood to the heart while a SCA STOPS the heart. It stops the heart thereby leading to death within minutes. This is caused by electrical disturbances of the heart where in the heart fails to function at a very fast heart rate. SCA kills approximately 4-5 million Indians every year. P. D. Hinduja Hospital is the only hospital which provided specialized tests like ECG with late potentials, T- wave Alternans and Heart Rate Variability for assessing the risks of SCA

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  • Electrocardiogram (with Late Potentials):
  • Exercise Treadmill Test (with T wave Alternans):
  • 2D-Echocardiography (for ejection fraction):
  • 24-hours bedside ECG (Holter) recording (with Heart Rate Variability)

Risk For SCA

Patients with prior heart attacks and reduced heart function face the highest risk of SCA.

*Patients with prior heart attack
*Patients with reduced heart function (Ejection fraction < 35%)
*Patients with dilated hearts and reduced heart function.
*Patients with strong family history of SCA (especially in parents and siblings).


* The SCA package is available on all days except Saturday
* Kindly report to the hospital at 10:00 a.m. on the first visit (fasting not required)
* If the Exec is male – he must shave his chest from the collar bone to the abdomen
* On the first visit, the Executive is to undergo an ECG with late potential and 2 D Echocardiogram. After which, the Holter monitor will be attached to the Executive
* Report on the second day exactly 24 hours after Holter apparatus was attached after eating a light breakfast
* On the second visit, the Executive is to reach Health Check reception exactly 24 hours after Holter monitor was attached, in order to remove the Holter apparatus. After which, the Executive will undergo the Stress test.
* Kindly take an appointment with the Cardiologist before leaving the hospital on second visit
* Kindly bring original SCA voucher on third visit to collect reports before meeting with the Cardiologist
* On the third visit, with a minimum of a days gap, the Executive is to collect the reports from the Health Check dept. before the consultation with the Cardiologist